Name: Heidi 

My Hometown is: Auburn, WA PhotoGrid_1493742380578

My family consist of: My mom lives nearby, my brother and his family live in Colorado, and my boyfriend, Dave. I live with my dog Peachie and my cat Gracie.

Began CrossFit: I think it was September or October 2015

My favorite movement is: Deadlift!  And power cleans.  (The list of things I don’t like is long. Haha)

My achievement(s) thus far is/are: I’ve PR’d on everything since I got here.  Dee’s attention to detail has really helped me be technically proficient which has allowed to me to improve in all my movements.

My fitness goal(s) is/are:

  • Get to the box 4 times a week, because it helps my anxiety so much.
  • Outrun my gene pool as much as possible – inflammatory arthritis runs rampant in my family, and I want to avoid that pain as much as possible. My thinking is that if I strengthen the muscles around my joints, the muscles will support the joints and keep the joints from getting damaged in the first place (if they’re damaged, the arthritis sets in – this is my lay-person’s understanding).  And my dad, the other half of my gene pool, died of cancer 16 years ago, so I’d like to avoid that as well…  
  • Workout enough to eat good food and have wine and ice cream.

What I like about CrossFit is: It is different every day.  I started running at 13, and ran all throughout high school and college, but as I’ve gotten older, it’s started to be boring and super painful

Before GCF: A runner, a bored elliptical rider, a spinner, a yoga class junkie, and a Pilates-wannabe… CrossFit is a much better fit for my personality.  Although, I do still do yoga most days, too.  Gotta keep good balance!

When I’m not a GCF, you’ll find me: At work at Green River College, or quilting at home or at my friend’s quilt shop.  Or watching TV.  Or reading.  Or hiking.  J

Love having Heidi aka FabUlous as a part of GCF, her smile is contagious. 


Reminder…if you haven’t signed up, it’s coming up Sunday May 14th.

Yes, it’s Mother’s Day, but it’s an early run.


Do you hate meal preppin’ for the week.  We are partnering up with NW FitMeals to have a weekly delivery at the box.  If interested, see Coach Dee on how to get signed up.  80% is what you eat / 20% is your body in motion.


Name: Robert 

My Hometown is: San Diego, CAIMG_6064

My family consist of: Wife, son, daughter, 2 dogs and a cat

Began CrossFit: At Gargoyle CrossFit Nov 2015

My favorite movement is: Hang cleans

My achievement(s) thus far is/are: I just got my pull-ups (March 3, 2017) so I’m happy about that. 325# back squat, 375# x 3 Deadlift, 265# front squat. Some achievements are measurable, like getting better times or lifting more weight, but it’s the small things that are just as meaningful.  Things like recovering faster, getting your form down, or resting less between movements to name a couple.

My fitness goal(s) is/are: To get stronger and fit but the main goal right now is to lose weight and have fun doing it.  I have lost 70lbs so far and getting closer to my goals every day.

What I like about CrossFit is: You will never get bored with CrossFit. It is different every day.  You have the motivation and comradery that comes with working out with others as well as that individual attention from Coach Dee that pushes you to do things you didn’t think you could do.

Before GCF: I didn’t exercise at all.  I work from home and have a very sedentary job.  I knew I needed to get out and moving but when I did go the gym I would soon lose interest and get bored.  CrossFit was the answer.

When I’m not a GCF, you’ll find me: At the movies, spending time with my kids, or working around the house.

Awesome having Robert part of GCF, truly an inspiration. 

Robert Spotlight


Gargoyle CrossFit will be closed this SATURDAY APRIL 8, 2017.

Coach Dee will be enhancing his education at a CrossFit Level II Certification.

Good Luck Coach!!


Coach Dee2 Coach Dee1

GCF Partnering with Zones, Inc.

Some of the Gargoyles at Zones Health and Wellness Fair!  Thanks to these ladies for helping out and representing Gargoyle CrossFit to the neighboring community.


The 2017 CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open was a success.  Big Shout Out to Pat for coming in top 5 in Washington State (#4), Top 10 in the Northwest (#9), and under 200 Worldwide (#190) in the Men’s Masters scaled division.


Lots of other successes came out during The Open. Robert got his very first Pull-Ups, Leigh got her double-unders, Coach Dee got his Muscle-Ups, Jaime, Jane & Fab moved up from last years standings, and lots of sign-ups from members that never joined the open before.  It was a great 5 week turn-out with a hearty well deserved BBQ.

Good Job Gargoyles!!

Athlete Spotlight – February 2017

Name: Leigh.

Hometown: Originally from Everett, WA.

My family consist of: My boyfriend and dog Grainger.

Began CrossFit: At Gargoyle CrossFit June 2016.

Favorite movements: I like Deadlifts and Kettle bell swings…also anything that has to do with abs.

Achievements thus far:  PR’d (personal record) her 3 Rep Max deadlift and PR’d her snatch to 80lbs.  She’s improving on her double unders and pull ups.  Overall, she’s improving on all movements and only getting better.

Fitness Goals: I just want to be lean and strong. Current goal is I would like to lose 20 to 30 pounds. And I would like to get stronger/better at all the weightlifting movements.Screenshot_20170202-205340

What I likes about CrossFit: How different it is day to day, nothing is ever the same. I am challenged and pushed to my limit every day and that’s what I love about CrossFit. I also love the CrossFit community, everyone is so supportive!

Before GCF: I was working out at LA fitness 3 to 4 times a week for 1 to 2 hours. Same workout and boring routine and wasn’t getting anywhere or seeing results.

When I’m not at GCF, you’ll find me doing:  I have a pretty active life. In the winter I am mostly snowmobiling with my boyfriend’s family any chance we can. In the spring and summer I am either playing softball, supporting my boyfriend’s softball team, camping or four wheeling in the mountains. When I have down time I like to hang out with friends and family or just enjoy a night at home with my boyfriend and our dog Grainger.


Awesome having Leigh part of the Gargoyle CrossFit Family!

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CrossFit Open 2016

Have you ever seen the CrossFit Games on TV.  Well, The Games journey is broken up into three stages. The first stage is the Open. This five-week, five-workout competition is held in the winter in CrossFit affiliates and garage gyms around the world. Workouts are released online each Thursday, and athletes have until the following Monday to submit their scores.

The Open began Feb 25th and is in Full Affect.  Good Job so far Gargoyles!!

2 Hour Overhead Clinic

Come join us from 7pm to 9pm at Gargoyle CrossFit for this special overhead lifting workshop.

We will cover:
– Joint by joint approach to functional anatomy
– How to find out what is limiting your overhead mobility
– How to effectively improve your thoracic spine mobility
– Learn to improve your control of your shoulder blade
– Why you should re-consider classic stretches of your shoulder and what to do instead
– Rotator cuff exercises to keep your shoulders healthy

Big takeaways:
– Understanding the thoracic spine, shoulder blade, and shoulder joint’s role in overhead lifting
– Improve the longevity of your shoulders
– Exercises to functionally strengthen your rotator cuff
– Lift overhead more effectively and efficiently

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Garage Games Jr. (Feb. 2016)

Shout out to Jaydelyn, aka Baby J., for coming in 1st place in her division (girls ages 10-12) and still leading the pack nationwide.  Proud of all your hard work to get you that first place spot!


Babyj kettlebell Babyj Cleans

Check out her Workouts

1st WOD in 2:40 min. 

2nd WOD in 6:17min.

3rd WOD in 2:41min.

Bring a Friend Day

Come down and join us Saturday, October 10 at 10:00 am. Bring a friend for a fun partner WOD and to meet some new peeps in our CrossFit Community. See ya there!

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Gargoyle CrossFit Groupon

Good Luck in Louisiana Coach Kristin

Your smile and enthusiasm will be missed. And of course all your valuable coaching techniques!

Fun Size 2

Limited Classes Aug 3 – 8, 2015

Hey there Gargoyles, there will be limited classes this week.
There will only be Noon, 5pm & 6pm classes this week and Closed Saturday.
Thank you all for your understanding.

Bainbridge CrossFit Tag Team Throwdown  (April 2015)

Incredible day to compete and meet fellow Crossfitters across the pond.  Great box and awesome event.

Throwdown 1   Throwdown 2

Work Hard / Play Hard: GCF Bowling Night  (April 2015)

Fun Times at Acme Bowl. Who used the railing??

Bowling night

Grand Opening Event   (Jan 2015)

The Grand Opening was a success!  The 12th man was definitely at Gargoyle CrossFit.  It was awesome seeing old and new faces compete in the Seahawk themed events, sharing laughs, and just hanging out. Thank you all for showing support and welcoming us into your neighborhood and community.

And great job to all the Seahawk Challenge Winners and to Chris for winning the Sherman Jersey just for stopping by.  Go SEA-HAWKS!

Toys & Food Drive     (Nov 2014)

Thank you everyone who donated to the Auburn Food Bank.  Much appreciated for showing generosity this holiday season.